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Russia and Belarus bets and predictions

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Timur Dibirov completed his career in the Russian national team, so a new era has begun in the history of the team. Pavel Atman, Alexander Shkurinsky, Dmitry Santalov and Mikhail Vinogradov did not come due to injuries, without them, it will be even more difficult to fight for the top 10. Daniil Shishkarev and Dmitry Zhitnikov should become the new leaders of the team, but whether their efforts are enough for at least 2nd place is a big question. The Russians failed the last European Championship, and while under the abbreviation RHF they can only count on victory over the Koreans.

The change of generations has also been outlined in the national team of Belarus: Sergey Shilovich, Ivan Brovko and Dmitry Nikulenkov ended their careers, Boris Pukhovsky did not go to Egypt by the decision of the coach. Nevertheless, Yuri Shevtsov has a lot of cool players at his disposal, and against the background of the rest, Vladislav Kulesh and Artem Korolek from the Polish "Vive" stand out. Ivan Moroz and Vyacheslav Bokhan showed themselves excellently with Motor in the Champions League, also performs well in the European competition "BGK named after Meshkov" with Nikita Vaylupov, Andrey Yurink, Artem Selvasyuk and Ivan Matskevich as part of. Vaylupov, by the way, was one of the best right-wingers of the last European Championship. In the opening match with Russia, Belarusians will still be favorites.

And Russians, and Belarusians, will be extremely difficult against Slovenia. Blaz Yants, Domain Makuts and Yure Dolenets play for Barcelona, which is one of the best teams in the world right now. Miha Zarabets won the Champions League with German Kiel, Blazh Blagotinshek also recently played in the Champions League Final Four, and these are not all big names in the composition of Slovenes. Lubomir Vranjesh's wards are clear contenders for medals, it is unlikely that it will be possible to displace them from the 1st place in the group.

South Korea's national team recently reached the Asian Cup final, it is too early to write it off. Nevertheless, in terms of the level of performers, the Asian squad is significantly inferior to the Russians, Belarusians and Slovenes, you shouldn't expect surprises from her.

Букмекерская компания «Марафон» расценивает шансы команд на победу в группе следующим образом:

Bid Coefficient Bookmaker


1,22 Marathon


6,15 Marathon


10,00 Marathon
South Korea 67,00 Marathon

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Currency exchange

Getting national money in this country will not be a problem. Such operations are carried out:

• Banks.

• Exchange offices in hotels, restaurants.

• Exchange offices, which are located on the streets.

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Every country has its own black exchange market, but it is not worthwhile to carry out such operations with individuals on the street. Let the course be more profitable, than in banking organizations, but the risk of becoming a victim of fraudsters and buying counterfeit bills is quite high. If the Moroccan currency is purchased in advance and imported into the country, then best of all, if these are banknotes of a new design, unmarked with pen or ink stamps. But you can get money in the country itself., most often banks are open on weekdays from 8.30 to 18.00. Everyone has their own work schedule, therefore, it will not be possible to indicate the exact time.

ATMs are widespread in Morocco, which are located near many retail outlets and restaurants. But in their use there are advantages and disadvantages.. The plus is, that most plastic cards are served not only at an ATM and a payment processor, but also accepted in many restaurants and hotels. In addition, such ATMs, usually, work around the clock, therefore the Moroccan currency is available for exchange at any time. But there are also disadvantages. – fairly high commission for withdrawing funds using an ATM.

And you need to have cash, since almost all private traders work only with her. That's why, before leaving for the country, need to find out, what is the currency in Morocco, what is its current rate and where are the most profitable exchange points. Experienced tourists recommend going to this country with American dollars and exchange them for local money at the holiday destination. Since the course will be more profitable, than the single European currency. But there is nothing to do with Russian rubles in Morocco, therefore, before sending, the issue with the currency must be resolved.


What could be more fun, чем сочетать путешествие и шопинг? Несмотря на обилие магазинов в Марокко, pay special attention to local markets

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They work, mostly, only during the day, bye it's light. Здесь вы можете приобрести разнообразные сувениры, national dress, искуснейшие ювелирные изделия из золота или серебра, colorful handmade carpets supply, earthenware or porcelain dishes, various incense, травяные чаи и оригинальную обувь.

Обязательно торгуйтесь с местными продавцами, as they always inflate the value of goods for tourists. Не стесняйтесь, а сбивайте цены как минимум вдвое, и вы удивитесь, how much can you save.

The composition of the groups of the World Cup in handball

Let's briefly talk about the rest of the groups, and at the same time consider the quotes of the bookmaker "Marathon" for the victory of teams in each of the quartets.

Group A Winning Odds: Germany - 1,3, Hungary - 3,4, Cape Verde - , Uruguay -

Germany and Hungary stand out from the rest, and they are the ones who will argue for leadership in their quartet. The squad from Cape Verde has a lot of handball players from the Portuguese championship, and Leandro Semedo and Ivo Santos perform in Spain and Germany. The Uruguayans miraculously hit the top 4 at the South American Cup, bypassing the Chileans, and in terms of the selection of players, they are significantly inferior even to future rivals from Africa. Chances are really low, поможет только чудо.

Group B: Spain - 1,08, Brazil - , Poland - , Tunisia -

Quartet "B" looks one of the strongest even despite the presence of a clear favorite - the Spanish national team. Red Fury may lose points in any match, but still will go on, but for the remaining two permits, a serious struggle will flare up. Brazilians finished 9th at the last world championship, и это лучший результат в их истории.

Tunisians don't look so menacing: one of the leaders, Amin Bannur, passed a positive test for coronavirus, and Wael Jalluz did not make it to the squad after resuming his career. Do not write off the Polish national team. The country has a strong enough championship, and the team leader, Kamil Sypshak recently played in the Final Four of the handball Champions League for the French PSG. Sypshak contracted coronavirus before World Cup 2021, while his participation is in question.

Group C: Croatia - 1,08, Qatar - 7,5, Japan - , Angola -

Croats are the favorites of the group, it's hard to argue with bookmakers here. There are many naturalized players from Cuba and the Balkan countries in the Qatar national team, and 5 years ago, this team even won the silver medal of the World Championship. The Japanese are interested in, which is headed by the former coach of the national teams of Austria and Germany - Dagur Sigurdsson. Anyway, Angola is a clear underdog: handball players from the local championship must jump over their heads, чтобы набрать очки на нынешнем мундиале.

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Group D: Denmark - 1,02, Argentina - , Bahrain - 26,0, DR Congo -

With the leader of group D, everything is clear now, and tickets to the next round can be awarded to Bahrain and Argentina, it remains only to determine, who will take 2nd place. Reigning world champions, Danes, they will not give their, Mikkel Hansen and company must skate through the rivals in their quartet. In the squad from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, professional handball players can be counted on the fingers of one hand, so they will only fight for the President's Cup.

Group E: France - 1,85, Norway - 2,15, Austria - , Switzerland -

The national teams of France and Norway played in the semifinals of the last World Cup, having won respectively "bronze" and "silver", therefore, the struggle for leadership in the group will be very hot. "Tricolors" will have to play without Nikola Karabatich, Norwegians can take advantage of this. Austrians after the leader's injury, Nikola Bilyka, all that remains is not to fail the match against Switzerland, replacing the USA national team in the tournament. The Swiss learned about their participation only for 48 hours before the start, and it will be difficult to catch at least the 3rd place.

Group F: Portugal - 1,62, Iceland - 2,3, Algeria - , Morocco -

Quartet "F" - one of the weakest in the tournament. Handball in Portugal, Certainly, is developing, but not so fast, to consider the local team a European grandee. Icelanders are more suitable for the role of the winner of the group, nevertheless, they include many strong performers from the top championships. Algeria and Morocco will meet in the first round, and a year ago they already won the African Cup, albeit with difficulty. Anyway, both teams cannot count on leadership.

Group G: Egypt - 1,92, Sweden - 2,1, North Macedonia - , Chile -

Tournament hosts, Egypt national team, won the African Cup, and on her site she may well surprise. Finalist of the European Championship 2018 of the year, Sweden national team, will play without Niklas Ekberg, Linus Arnesson, Jesper and Lucas Nilsson, Albina Lagergren and Anton Lindskog. The Egyptians have a chance. North Macedonia might well have intervened in the fight, led by the top scorer in the history of the Champions League - Kiril Lazarov. Chileans shouldn't be written off either., at least in one of the matches, the Feuchtman brothers and company are able to impose a fight.

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Cultural features

Марокканцы — это люди, которые необычайно гордятся своей историей и культурой. В особенности традиции проявляются в их творчестве.

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So, for example, оказавшись на местном базаре, вы наверняка встретите торговцев красочными коврами. В этих работах воплощена история и дух традиционного Марокко. Local women love to adorn themselves with jewelry.. The most common here is silver, however, wealthy Moroccans prefer to wear exclusively gold.

Большинство марокканцев — это хоть и не богатые, но чрезвычайно гостеприимные люди. Гость для местного жителя — это крайне уважаемый человек, обидеть которого — это «харам» — грех. According to etiquette, при приветствии мужчины или женщины целуют друг друга в обе щеки. С противоположным полом они обмениваются лишь рукопожатиями. A true Moroccan will definitely give you tonic tea, after which he will feed you with traditional local cuisine. Не увидев на столе приборов, не обижайте хозяина дома или кафе просьбой принести их, ведь приготовленное они всегда едят руками или с помощью хлебных лепешек.

Не стесняйтесь проявлять заинтересованность к культуре местных жителей. Seeing your enthusiasm, они легко пойдут на контакт и помогут еще глубже погрузиться в культуру. Марокканцы — чрезвычайно религиозны, поэтому ни в коем случае не допускайте шуток на эту тему.

Predictions and odds of bookmakers for the winner of the World Cup

Before the start of the 2021 World Cup, you can always select a pool from 5-6 teams, seriously claiming the title, but almost every time someone surprises.

The Russian national team is not included in this pool, listed only as the 16th team of the tournament with significantly lower chances of winning, than Belarus.

Bookmaker Winline offers the following odds for winning the tournament:

  • Denmark - 3,65
  • Norway - 4,15
  • Spain - 4,8
  • France - 6,0
  • Croatia - 6,75
  • Germany - 13,0
  • Slovenia - 17,0
  • Egypt - 21,0
  • Sweden - 35,0
  • Hungary - 52,0
  • Portugal - 56,0
  • Iceland - 72,0
  • Belarus - 98,0
  • North Macedonia - 185
  • Qatar - 220
  • Russia - 260
  • South Korea - 1000

Choose the winner of the World Handball Championship!

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Total 595,965 44,132,748


Moroccan cuisine is distinguished by an abundance of fruits, vegetables, seafood, olive oil and, Certainly, spices. Также здесь предпочитают кускус — кашу из пшеничной крупы. В национальных блюдах часто можно встретить бобовые, перцы и баклажаны, помидоры и тыкву.

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Не обходятся местные жители и без мяса, но только не свинины, которую употреблять в пищу считается грехом. Из напитков в ресторанах и кафе Марокко чаще всего предлагают крепкий кофе и ароматный травяной чай.

Яркой особенностью марокканских блюд является изысканное сочетание сладкого и острого. Оказавшись в этой стране впервые и лишь знакомясь с ее особенностями, не стесняйтесь спрашивать у официантов советов: опираясь на ваши вкусовые пристрастия, they will recommend the most suitable traditional dishes. Falafel, pastille, meat stew, куриный тажин с курагой, мускатная дыня на десерт — здесь утолит свой голод даже самый требовательный гурман.

Currency of Morocco: general information

In every bank and on many sites you can always see the ratio of the Moroccan currency to the ruble (approximately one dirham is equal to seven Russian rubles). Its useful to note, what is the currency of Morocco – dirham – equals to one hundred centimes.

Australian lottery oz lotto

Today, in the country, banknotes are used in denomination 10, 20, 50, 100, 200. The national currency in Morocco is issued by the country's central bank. There are also coins in money circulation, which come in different denominations. First of all, it is worth mentioning the change of money in 5, 10, 20 centime. except them, there are coins in Morocco, issued in dirhams. Their denomination is also different.: 0,5, 1, 2, 5, 10 dirhams.

A bit of history

Currency of Morocco, as noted above, issued by the main central national banking institution “Bank al-Maghreb”. 1959 the year is considered the date of foundation and the beginning of the activity of this system.

Its useful to note, As for 1960 Morocco's currency was completely different - the Moroccan franc. The documents of the same year speak of the first issue of the monetary unit.. At this time, the first silver coins were issued in denomination of one dirham., and then nickel money was minted (v 1 dirham) and silver (v 5 dirhams). But only in 1974 year, nickel coins in centimes appeared in circulation.

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