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Young people and the future

High Tech High School: the new Lottomatica project in partnership with Codemotion

The importance of STEAM teaching for the professional opportunities of tomorrow: the initiative for the training of new high-tech talents

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A project for the urban forestation of the Aniene Reserve

Lottomatica, in partnership with LigeGate and the Association together for the non-profit Aniene, supports a new project for the redevelopment of the “green lung” of Rome

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JoyPoint: we support the new generations in the recovery towards normality

Together with Sport Senza Frontiere we support the JoyPoint project: a social path, training and sports towards a new normal after Covid-19

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I will want: a crush on integration

Our project for the support of young people through volleyball

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Educating to invest in the future of the new generations

We follow the Comet is the Lottomatica project designed to support the children of the Oliver Twist School during the entire training cycle. A partnership that combines Lottomatica know-how and Cometa's thirty years of experience.

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The new chapter of Vincere da Grandi starts from Marcianise

After years of grinding victories in the world rings, the boxer Clemente Russo has taken the boys from the Marcianise gym under his wing, inaugurating a new stage of the Vincere da Grandi project and giving local children the opportunity to practice the noble art of boxing.

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Parenting as a master

Scientific studies show that taking care of a newborn, helps to enhance different types of skills: relational, organizational, and all those soft skills in which companies invest a lot, both in economic terms and in terms of time.

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Appointment with the Career Days

Encourage the meeting between companies and candidates in a dynamic and stimulating environment for the youngest: this is the main objective of the Career Days; a unique opportunity to make yourself known and get in touch with companies through speed interview, colloqui one-to-one e job orientation.

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SuperAbilities: transform diversity into skill

This year Lottomatica promoted the creation of a spontaneous group of employees to break down the cultural and architectural barriers within the company that limit the ability to express people with disabilities. Here is the SuperAbilities project ...

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The new professions of the future

Tomorrow promises to be more and more tech, also for companies

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Winning from Grandi arrives in Norcia

The Norcia initiative is part of the "Win as an adult" project, which offers children from disadvantaged neighborhoods or areas of some Italian municipalities the opportunity to practice sports for free, also through redevelopment of existing structures. Discover the project!

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The Oliver Twist School for a possible future

Conceive, design and enhance individual talent for a truly possible future: these are the objectives of the Following La Cometa project, which supports the Oliver Twist School children in acquiring skills and abilities in a professional contest.

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