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Lotto 6 out 49 in Russia

Officially buy a national ticket lotteries in germany in Russia it is impossible. Lotto operator,, does not sell coupons to Russians.

You can buy a ticket using an intermediary. This is the company, who buys the coupon in Germany and gives it to you. There are many such "assistants", we will tell you about one thing - AgentLotto.

Below is a brief instruction on using the AgentLotto service.

#1. registration

To buy tickets for AgentLotto you need an account. It will store scanned copies of tickets and purchase history. To register, you will need a valid email and phone number.

#2. Selection of lottery

AgentLotto is a multidisciplinary reseller. Here you can buy tickets for more than 20 lotteries. Listed lotto, which will suggest AgentLotto, select Lotto 6 out 49.

#3. Filling in the ticket

If you only play in the main round, cross out in the main fields of the ticket 6 figures from 49. If you additionally participate in Super 77 or Super 6, put a tick in the appropriate parts of the coupon.

#4. Payment

On the AgentLotto website, you can pay for a ticket in the following ways:

  • by transfer from a bank card
  • by payment from a mobile phone account
  • transfer in cryptocurrency (Bitcoin accepted, Litecoin, Ethereum)
  • electronic money (WebMoney, Yandex money, Skrill, Neteller).

Funds will be credited to the balance within 1-2 minutes (if you don't pay with cryptocurrencies). Immediately after that, you can pay for the ticket.

#6. View lotto

National German Lotto Operator,, arranges live broadcasts of Lotto draws 6 out 49. Connect to stream at 20:30 on wednesday or at 21:30 on Saturday, to see the results.

#7. Receiving winnings

There are two ways to get your winnings ^

  1. if the prize is less 500-600$. AgentLotto will credit the winnings to the balance, as soon as the intermediary receives the prize. Money can be withdrawn to an electronic wallet, bank card, cryptocurrency wallet or mobile phone.
  2. for bigger prizes (from 600$). AgentLotto staff will ask for a power of attorney to receive the prize. This is due to the fact, that for the issuance of large winnings, the personal presence of the winner is required. As soon as AgentLotto receives the money, he will credit them to the balance in his personal account.

Lotto winners

Over the history of Lotto 6 out 49 record jackpot won in 2007 year. Its amount was 43 381 457 euros. The prize was divided equally 3 lucky, residents of provincial cities in Germany. Each of them received 14 460 485 euros. The largest single-handed win was received a year earlier, v 2006 year. 37 678 295 got a resident from a small village in the north of the country.

Taking into account the folk characteristics and mentality of Germany, gambling is not in high demand in the country. But lotteries are going with a bang. Germans are practical people and like to combine business with pleasure.: relax, watching, for the drawing and earn, guessing all the numbers correctly. Lotto de 6 out 49 has a fifty-year history. The lottery was originally called "Glücksspirale", which translates as "Spiral of Happiness". The first draw took place in 1969 year. Lotto was created to raise funds for the Munich Olympic Games. The revenues from the national lottery also helped in the German FIFA World Cup. The lottery turned out to be so popular, that it was not closed after these major sporting events. Every year the Germans spend more 6 000 000 000 dollars to buy legendary lotto tickets. That's why, if not for the financial difficulties of the country, today we could not enjoy the exciting fun "6 of 49".

Today Lotto de 6 out 49 popular with players from other countries, residents of Kazakhstan play it, Of Ukraine, Belarus and other CIS countries. A large number of positive reviews about the lottery are presented on the Internet, including in Russian.


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