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Mustvee alcoholic, lottery winner over 22 thousand euros, made the life of the townspeople hell

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Last year, in the evening 10 December Bingo Loto has determined the winner of the main prize. The lucky winner bought the ticket from the Ceresus store in Mustvee. The amount of the win was 22 873 euros.

This news marked the beginning of a curious story.. Her moral is, what to win the lottery is, undoubtedly, luck, which can touch you too, but sometimes a lucky break turns into a cruel joke.

The next day, the residents of the small town of Mustvee were very interested in, who is this lucky, lottery winner? It didn't take long to speculate, in the Ceresus store (this store is the only one in the city, where can i buy a lottery) local resident Peeter came, to check your ticket.

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Lottery history

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The history of the origin of the lottery leads to the ancient origins of human civilization. According to scientists, one of the first mentions of the manifestation of a peculiar form of the lottery are ancient Greek myths, which says, that the warriors took turns pulling stones from the golden helmet, one of which gave the right to a duel with Zeus, what it meant to be able to live or die with honor.

Almost at the same time, the birth of the first forms of lottery takes place in Ancient Rome and China.. V 100 a lottery was organized during the reign of the Han dynasty in China, reminiscent of the Keno game. Funds, proceeds from its holding, were used to defend the country, and primarily to finance the construction of the Great Wall of China.

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Fire victims saw lottery numbers in a dream and won 2,7 million rubles

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They say, life is like a zebra: then the black stripe, then white… Last year for the Yakovlev family from Kingisepp (Leningrad region) turned out to be blacker: first, Sergey's husband was fired, then the house burned down. The car did not survive either, where the unemployed head of the family worked as a taxi driver. And he and his wife Anastasia have two little daughters…

Well at least an apartment was found quickly, where you could stop for a while. Anastasia got a job as a dispatcher at the Ministry of Emergencies, and Sergey began to restore the house from scratch. But in a year, it only turned out to raise the foundation…

…A few days before the win, Sergei had a dream, ad-like. They explained there, how to fill out a ticket correctly in the lottery "5 out of 36".

– It's easy to become a millionaire! – the voiceover was fervently broadcasting. And on the side was a line with numbers, to be crossed out.

Mother, was not – decided to play! In a day, when the results appeared on the lottery website, Sergey was at a construction site at home, Anastasia returned from the night shift…

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A resident of South Estonia gave to scammers 150 000 Euro as "tax on lottery winnings"

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Recently, a resident of South Estonia fell victim to scammers. The elderly man gave 150 000 Euro for receiving lottery winnings. Previously, this kind of deception took place mainly by email or SMS.. This time, the scammers used regular mail., writes Delfi.

Photo: Sven Arbet

For reliability, the crooks covered themselves with the trademark of the famous electronics company Sony, the names of people associated with this enterprise, and in general were quite convincing: the firm allegedly raffled off the main prize in the amount of 1,9 million.

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What is trash for one, then for another treasure

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V 1988 year, the US Supreme Court in the case of "California v. Greenwood" issued a verdict, that the Constitution of the United States does not prohibit digging through trash, left outside the area adjacent to the house, and pick it up. In other words, all, that some people threw out in a public place, others may be considered "legitimate prey". This solution has helped to avoid harassment for poor people and other hobbyists to explore the contents of dumpsters.. Yes, yes, amateurs! There are people, who like to dig in the trash and find valuable things there. And sometimes their finds just boggle the imagination!

Winning lottery ticket for $1 million.

Kevin Donovan, mechanic from Massachusetts, often went to White Hen Pantry supermarket and bought instant lottery tickets. In a year, he spent more than 2 one thousand dollars.

One evening Donovan looked into the supermarket again and bought immediately 50 tickets. but, rubbing off the protective coating and realizing, that nothing was won, Kevin crumpled all lottery tickets and threw them in the trash can, near the exit from the store.

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Every second person plays the lottery in Estonia: who wins and how?

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There was no envy (although the feeling from the series "if only we could do that" was present) – the family before that was barely making ends meet: he was interrupted by odd jobs, she worked as a cashier, raising a child in unison, from the excesses of luxury, they allowed themselves a cat of noble origin.
“You know, I didn't believe, – says Tanya. – Not at the first moment, not in the second. Even at the time of registration of the win, I still wanted to kill my husband: little of, that this weirdo bought a lottery ticket for the last, so he also rolls jokes at the kindergarten level. And to the thought that, that we became millionaires overnight, I'm not used to it so far. Though… those millions are gone ".

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